A Beginner's Guide to Psychotherapy

Therapy can be beneficial for everything from making an important life decision to managing a clinically diagnosed illness. Here’s what everyone should know about psychotherapy and how it can help.

What It is

Psychotherapy is a scientifically proven method of helping people deal difficult situations, mental issues and behavioral concerns. It consists of sitting down with a licensed psychotherapist and examining the problem, setting goals and cooperatively working out a solution.

When Is It Needed

While anyone can benefit from psychotherapy, there are some situations in which it is vital:

• Inability to control substance use or certain behaviors
• Experiencing a traumatic event
• Significant loss (job, death, divorce etc.)
• Suicidal thoughts or feelings

How Therapy Helps

Psychotherapy provides a safe, confidential environment for discussing personal situations with a neutral, objective, non-judgmental individual. It allows people to open up in a way they may not be comfortable doing with friends or family. Through problem-solving and goal setting, psychotherapists teach people coping mechanisms that help them through current problems and that can be used for future issues as well.

Psychotherapy is an effective, legitimate method for improving lives. If you are in need of specialized treatment call Gary Santucci, Ed.S. in Davie, FL for more information.

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