What Is Divorce Mediation, and How Can It Help You?

In essence, it’s a form of couple’s therapy, only the issues being discussed here are designed to facilitate the dissolution of your marriage rather than save it.

Helps Financially

Mediation can save a divorcing couple money. If your divorce goes to trial, the final bills will go up, and the longer it takes to resolve the matter, the more expensive your divorce will become.

Helps Your Settlement

This process is designed to settle every issue both parties have in the divorce. The mediator will listen to all concerns and guide the couple toward resolution of each one. A judge might hand down a ruling that favors one party or doesn’t resolve all concerns.

Additional Advantages

Alongside the above, mediation also offers:

The latter might seem odd when you’re facing the pain and turmoil of divorce, but you and your partner will communicate in the future, especially if you have children, and mediation can give you a solid base now upon which to build better communication in the future.

You still shouldn’t go it alone. Dissolving your marriage is a complex process. Contact Gary Santucci, Ed.S. today to help guide you through your divorce mediation.

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