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Gary J. Santucci, Ed.S., P.A.

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Patients suffering from depression and anxiety often find relief through compassionate and comprehensive mental health counseling, which can go beyond physical health to address mental and emotional health. Mr. Gary J. Santucci at Associates in Counseling and Mediation provides services for depression and anxiety in the Davie, Florida area.

Depression and Anxiety Q & A

How do mental health counselors work in collaboration with primary care physicians?

Both mental health counselors and physicians play a critical role in the healing and recovery from depression and anxiety. While physicians identify and treat the chemical and physical causes of these ailments, counselors help patients uncover underlying emotional and mental triggers as well as unhealthy thoughts that perpetuate symptoms.

Primary care physicians and mental health counselors work together to treat the whole patient in the safest, most effective way.

What are the dangers of untreated mental illness?

Untreated depression and anxiety can dramatically impact a patient’s quality of life. Depression and anxiety can affect productivity, relationships, self-value, and physical health. In the most severe cases, suicidal thoughts or death can occur. It is critical that patients suffering from depression or anxiety seek care as soon as possible to prevent complications.

Does insurance cover depression and anxiety mental health counseling?

Each insurance policy clearly defines what services are covered and which are not. If the patient’s insurance policy covers mental health services, a qualifying diagnosis and referral are usually required from a physician before coverage takes place. The financial team at Associates in Counseling & Mediation can assist patients in determining their level of coverage and obtaining the necessary documentation.

What are the benefits of mental health counseling?

Mental health counseling can help patients with depression and anxiety live a normal and fulfilling life.

How long is counseling required?

The number of sessions required can vary significantly from one patient to the next. Some of the factors that determine how long counseling is needed include:

  • How responsive the patient has been to counseling
  • The dynamic details of the patient’s diagnosis and medical history
  • The severity of the patient’s condition
  • Life circumstances that trigger symptoms
  • The primary care physician’s evaluation of the patient’s condition and progress

Some patients require counseling for a short period of time while other patients can benefit from long-term counseling.

Do all patients require medication?

No. Some patients require medication while others do not. Some patients need medication for a short-time before they are able to function at a high level without it. Some patients thrive on counseling in combination with healthy lifestyle choices. What works best for each patient should be determined by the patient, his or her primary care provider, and his or her mental health counselor.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Associates in Counseling and Mediation, we accept all insurance plans except Medicare. Here is a list of some of the plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Health Net
Magellan Health
United Healthcare